Today was an hour short when I checked. I don’t know how it happened. I was awake the whole time. I wished a frieiend my traditional Happy $20 at 4:20 as I like to do on those occasions when I look at a clock at the time is right. On this unfaithfull Sunday morning, I was told No silly. Daylight Saving Time…

Isn’t that tonight?

Yes. But its 5:20. You missed it.

Indeed. An hour had passed, followed by another hour, and yet – my two clocks conflicted. An ancient Wisdom I have used before about a man with two clocks never knows what time it is.

That was before some clocks could be trusted more than others and only the cheap $9 red LED Bedroom type alarm clocks are some of the last remaining dumb clocks that doesn’t do that odd shift oftime most of North America seems to subscribe to.

Like almost every tradition the Western World has adopted, there always seem to be an overwhelming amount of whining about it. Complaing about anything is called conversation for many people. Complaining aboyut a shared experience or company is the comonality that brings us together more.

I used to want them, just once maybe, to make the switch during the 90 Minute LIVE Saturday Night Live show. As they’re doing that closing wave goodbye to everyone, Lorne Michaels cme on stage and says; Sorry everyone. The closk just changed. We’ve got another hour to fill before 100am. Pete Davidson is the only one that seems happy about it. He cheers. That means my “ok” guy sketch is back in?

Loren turns and anti-climatically says; Ok… in that Pete Davidson kinda way. It doesn’t work for him, but nobody noticed anyway.

This however was March 10th and apparently we spring forward so… Saturday Night live would been 30 minutes only.

Technically I din’t lose that hour, I just loaned it to winter so kids wouldnt be at the bustops in the dark, but everyone else would not see light on their commutes to or from for months.

I never really cared either way. I don’t remember ever complaining, except once or twice when I didnt remember that was last night, like today.