The Orange Shirt Blogs

Talking to the camera.

I’ve been recording videos and blogging for many years but only recently started putting some of them online. 
This is a collection of some of those videos.

Disclaimer: Many of these were recorded while high on weed.

The top choice. Age 55.

Age 55 seems like a nice OCD age to make a change. I wouldn't change my whole style at 54, even if that is a round number. I wonder if 55 is a Prime number. It might be.     I'm super pissed I deleted a very long blog entry just now. A big one, accidentally...

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Tuesday Transit Talk

I didn't blog from my subway ride for a couple of trips because my timing was off and the ride was busy. Toronto transit is great but it's better when you're not riding at the same time as all the other passengers. School rush hour is earlier than business rush hour...

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Short sleeve Tuesday

Today is the first day I've taken the bus where most people have ditched their spring coats or sweaters. Last time I was one of the only riders in short sleeves. But today only the foreigners and homeless are wearing costs. I can see naked arms everywhere and somehow...

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North is Right

I've always been good at directions and navigation with a few notable exceptions. When I was visiting Chicago, I continuously got confused about Eastbound and Westbound highway exits because the lake was in the North, whereas the Toronto lake is in the south More...

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Work Monday

Monday was the night of the big switchover on the stressful work contract I've been using to face my mental health and return into life as a productive employable worjer. The weeks preceding have been a strange mixtures of highs and lows emotionally as I continue to...

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Rainy Wednesday

Today is a day that will test my new skills. It's a depressing cold, gray Wednesday. It's 10am and I've already experienced a few low points and terrifying moments of failure already. The kind of things that stand up and remind me the good streak I've been riding is...

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Fake Monday blog

I've been blogging on my bus and subway rides as a good way to work out my feelings and mindset in between therapy.  It's helpful, and I recommend it, even if you don't really tell anybody about the blogs. They can still be therapeutic. It's the new socially...

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My Business Proposal

I have an idea for a community project.  A hobby to make new friends and have fun. I've wanted to start my own business so many times in the past, but I never get around to starting. I write about them or talk into the camera when I've had just a little bit of weed....

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Blogging Live in Two universes.

Life Stream BloggingThis is a first. I am live streaming my blog in two universes simultaneously.  I have spent the time since 4:20 today setting this up. It took a little while extra because I toked on my new wax vaporizer pen. I still...

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The Wednesday that was Monday

I woke up from another dream at around 7am today, a Wednesday, but it was a fresh awake wake-up. The first I've had since my medication screw up almost 3 weeks ago. I stood up, and didn't lay back down again. I sat at the computer and started my morning work routine...

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