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The Orange Shirt Blogs

Talking to the camera.

I’ve been recording videos and blogging for many years but only recently started putting some of them online. 
This is a collection of some of those videos.

Disclaimer: Many of these were recorded while high on weed.

Trying Something New

I I am testing a new keyboard that has a silent spacebar for when I'm blogging late at night. The previous spacebars were apparently to loud for her, although they wayI type has alwaysa been particularly gard on the spacebar, all the way back to the Commodore...

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The wait

As I sit in the waiting room on the fifth floor of the hospital I am trying my best not to think sbiit today's session with the doctor. It's week two and we have some extra time. Last week we doesn't some if it in silence while I tried to figure out how to feel...

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Shrink Week 1

When I have no Internet, the Microsoft Mail program included with Windows 10 still does the spellcheck, so it's a pretty good editor for blogging. Today I realized it can actually be used to send directly to the Wordpress Blog.  I used a Star Trek reference to my...

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How I became a Sidekick

My name is Richard, and this isn't really my story, but it's such a great story, it needs to be told and since I'm the only other person on Earth that know it, the task falls to me. In a way, I feel a bit like Dr Watson, who wrote all the adventures of his best friend...

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No Internet Blogging

When the Internet is down, the email editor seems to be the best way to blog. It still works like an editor with spellcheck and copy and paste. It seems almost everything else won't even load without the Internet. I have the Wordpress app on Windows and I thought it...

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I had a great hospital meeting with a friend today. A better friend today than he was yesterday. He not only allowed me to do virtually all of thentalking, but he seemed to relish in it and at thend end, comment he felt it was a rewarding experience. I used my...

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Our Dream

Somethig that frustrates me in this new connected world is that we can see tonnes of cool people but they're not in my city. Any future for me is digital and virtual.  I've never had great success with online friends. They last till they don't. I suppose I could look...

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As my pump gently beats.

... but mother, I don't like beets. My father had only one rule about food, no two. No beets Clean your plate. It was a thing. Something to remember because only having one thingf you won't eat, is a strong way to say you'll eat anything. Neat dad memory to start off...

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Weekend Update

It's been a while since I've written and all of a sudden I decided now was a good time. I sat at my desk staring at my screen knowing I have several tasks to do. Not really too many for an average worker, but tasks with a deadline and priority are always a bit...

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It has to start somewhere.

There is an old saying; if you have to start somewhere, it might as well be here. It wasn't referring to blogging. In my case, more sickness and poor health may be on the way, or so goes the path of my imagination at the slightest sign. On day 10 of my hospital...

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