The Orange Shirt Blogs

Talking to the camera.

I’ve been recording videos and blogging for many years but only recently started putting some of them online. 
This is a collection of some of those videos.

Disclaimer: Many of these were recorded while high on weed.

Charlie’s Message

[Written in 2003 and just found recently] E: Tell me again Uncle Charly.  I am just not getting it.   No, of course you’re not, and there-in lies the problem on so many levels.  You’re not getting it.  I’m not sure if you will ever understand it.  And that’s...

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WATER – Frequently Asked Questions

I used to read articles in the newsgroups before the Internet really took off.  Many were informative but many were for fun. This one... you can decide for yourself.  This is not my work. It was just shared with me recently from my old collection of text files....

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It’s not real money. It’s Monopoly Money

I take a drug called Paxil for obsession. I missed one day and had the most obsessive dreams I could imagine. I woke up just now at 6 minutes to 6 am from an obsessive nightmare. My things were gone. All the useless things. The things I'd been collecting. I had bought...

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Bitcoin Threats

So far, he has not replied to my reply: I found your email this morning quite funny since I actually run a webcam 24/7 in my bedroom and anyone can watch me walk around nude, or masturbate. If you send a video to my contacts, you would be doing me a favour. Free...

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The script of my Dream

I dream quite a lot, primarily because I tend to sleep quite a lot. I often remember them when I wake and sometimes they're worth writing down or posting to Facebook. Today I decided to blog my dream because it relates to my web site in a way. On my home site...

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The Lava Lamps

Last day of 2018 - I did it! I’ve had a webcam and a Lava Lamp in my office or bedroom since I discovered the original X10 boxes. Some of you may remember X10. For a while, their ads were plastered everywhere. My roommate at the time wrote a small utility to activate...

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Day in Review

This is a recap video compiled from snapshots taken throughout the day. Videos like this area available for the previous three days by clicking any of the webcam live feeds. This video contains no audio.

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