Blogging Live in Two universes.

Blogging Live in Two universes.

The Orange Shirt Lounge


Life Stream Blogging

This is a first. I am live streaming my blog in two universes simultaneously.  I have spent the time since 4:20 today setting this up. It took a little while extra because I toked on my new wax vaporizer pen. I still say it should have a U in Canada but it seems they don’t want to create two boxes.

Then I set out in my new Pot Bar in the alternate universe known as Second Life. I sit behind the bar, which is only 3 feet off the ground because I set the bar low. I think I’ll stay in here while I work and sleep and see who might drop by.  The Pizza is excellent and free. I don’t serve alcohol but I’ve got a lot of free weed and I have a dealer for almost anything else also resident here from time to time.

We’ve got another seat at the bar where you can live blog, or just chat. It’s like the TV Show Cheers for a new generation in the alternate universe where we allow all species and robots and shapes and sizes. The only rule is, no Anger.  Ok… There are probably lots of rules. 

I’m making it as I go along.

If you’d like to be a part of it.

The Wild adventures of the Unknown and Risky

The Wild adventures of the Unknown and Risky

It’s 9pm on A saturday in March. I’m JEff Goebel, I’m wearing Orange. I’m highg, and I guess I just started another loop.

Several things hanged in this loop.  I tried a free sample snort of something new, and it had the expected nothing results. Recently I had a mountaiun top lightbulb moment. I used the anaolgy before but I really liked it, and made enough sense that I assume it’s actu…

Wow. That was fast. My mood has shifted to an extra special; ahhh. I don’t feel like it mode. Sometimes when I’m writing the b log high, and an idea gets too big to describe without entering the tedius mode where my fear that it’s boring overpowers the fear to finish a good story. I’m happy with my recent desisions that (a) It’ doesn’t matter if anybody ever reads the old stuff. I can start new any time. It also doesn’t matter at all. I have deciided that writing and blogging is one thing that makes me happy. It took me four years to answer that question my therapist aske me in the first meeting. I am reminded of the Question they asked of Spock on Vulcan. How do you feel? He answered at the end of the movie after revelations and rezliqations and his logic put together that answering HOW DO YOU FEEL does not go agait everything Vulcan.

For Spock is not Vulcan anyway… only half on his Father’s side. It was an interesting choice to make him that. A bold move to havenot only an interracial crew on the bridge, but an inter species mating of human and others. Bold move, and also useful for several plot points over the years.

The come up for any drug is always an interesting time. You know it’s between 30 and 90 minutes for acid but It often doesn’t show any signs much before 40 minutes. However fake acid is more anybody’s ball game. I don’t know dosage or anything, and only taking three was a safe choice, but it might put me in that sucky limbo. That place where it’s too lkate to take any more, but you’re not quite high… just too high to fall asleep, and most of the stuff you try to do bores you or you can’t maintain focus. Often I’ll try to pick a movie I know might have some weirdness in it and then start watching with it timed right around the middle of the film.

Maybe I’ll do that now.  9:21.  I feel anxious but that is only because I am. I’m on 4 drugs currently and two of them make me go fast and two of them make me go slow. I may explode.

Wouldn’t that be an intresting site. I bet you they don’t report that as a drug overdose. Man’s head explodes.

The summer political series … forget… Tony Shalube was the star attached. A summer series where half of the Goverment was infected by alien bugs in their heads eating half their brain. Luckily it effected mostly Rebublicans so nobopdy actually noticed. It was actually an excellent show teaching how Government woprks if you watched and noticed. Many people just watched for the exploding heads.

“Blowed up Real Good”.

SPONTANIOUS RE-ROUTE: Task #1: Can I get the glyify or whatever it’s called installed?


Go.  (;25pm

Save Point.


Last call! Last Blog before the next day.

It’s actualklu Saturday, but I’ve been in good spirts, got quite a lot of #prideworthy struyff done today, planted some more seeds that may grow into the responsability of showing off and sharing the site.

I’m Jeff Goebel, It’s 12:22am on a Friday night in March, and this is another Loup.

Perhaps the next leap, will be the leap home.

I saw a funny thing at Dinner tonight and I just now re-imagined it better in my head. I was out to a much needed social meal with my two most recent couple friends, and by most recent I mean about 9 and 5 years. The wives are sisters and the husbands are computer nerdy. Adam is a pop culture fandom wiz and Ryan is a Linux fan and gamer. It’s not often Ryan is able to keep up when we start making references from just about any shows. Ryan doesn’t have a TV.

Tonight somebody made a comment mentioning Star Trek and I noticed recognition and optomism in Ran’s body movement, but then when Adam said Voyager, Ryan’s posture slumped and I asked; Was that because you only know one Star Trek and thought you might get a chance to participate in a conversation from our World, but Voyager isn’t the one?

Ryan then made quite a funny joke, but Adam missed it because he was starting into a well rehersed nerd Trek fandom rant about how Voyager was… I forget if he was for or against it being the best of The … No, he said worst. and then there was some debate.

ding. Suddenly I realizeed this story is more complex than I thought, and it just got deeper because I realized I was totally wrong in my understanding of something. It’s not worth it.

You don’t care about Star Trek Enterprise anyway – nobody does.

The whole story was suposed to be about Ryan’s joke being funny, but Adam missed it and made a rebuttle that seemed to be for a different joke. Humour sync error.

I guess you had to be there – This can be edited out.

Tired. Trying sleep test 1 for the night. I need it.  I have no idea how much.


It’s being hit on the head lessons in here.

Excuse me. I seem to have lost the news.

–and the mojo. Can’t write. Must try rest.

Fuck Yoda. Everything I do is a try, including half the stuff I don’t do.

Without my teeth in, my top and bottom lips flop around like a monkey doing the Bababooey face Sal took 4 months to teach him.

They are sensetive tp the beard and moustache trim. Sharp ends.

Bababooey Babbaboey

DING. A new task is up on the board. Fine whe… oh, nevermind I give up on that already. JUst change shirts and sleep.

Loop again another day.