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The WHAT, WHY and HOW you want to know.


What is this? (WTF?) is my most recent iteration of my personal webcam website. I’ve had some version of a live webcam watching me for over 20 years, on and off.

It serves no real purpose except to amuse me, and perhaps amuse others.

Will you chat with me?

The best answer I can give you is; maybe.

If you see me on the cams, you’re free to say Hi by clicking on my chat box at the bottom of the page, but if I’m working or otherwise not in the mood, I may just wave. If you’re polite and friendly you have a much better chance of getting me to respond than if you start making demands.

Can I make Requests?

Chat with me first. This isn’t about me performing for you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t honour some requests. I’ll almost always smile and wave when you make yourself known. Feel free to ask questions either in chat, or the comments at the end of this page.

Why do I only see black screens.

I live in Toronto, Canada, which is the Eastern time zone in North America. If the screens look black, it’s because it;’s night. Please respect that I am probably sleeping and making a chat request or turning on my Lava Lamps will probably wake me. Sadly, the fact that I have said this will make some of you want to do it anyway.

For now, I have not turned those features off at night. Don’t be the one that spoils it for everyone.

Can you see me?

Don’t worry. These are one way webcams. You can see me, but I can not see you.


Who are you?

Online, I’ve been known as frogstar42 forever and I’m not really a known public figure but I do have a presence online that goes back since before the Internet was born.

I am Jeff Goebel, an odd Canadian that is usually polite, respectful and funny.

I am currently single. (shocker) (NSFW)


Can you tell me more?

I’m certainly not one to be afraid of privacy, and so yes. I will tell you more.

My generation is often afraid of being open and sharing too much. It’s still considered a bit strange to be so open, and perhaps one day it will be a problem for me, but since I’m currently not very financially stable, I think I’m safe from identity thieves. They could not destroy my credit rating more than I already have.

I allow Internet surfers to learn about me simply because it’s fun and confuses people. 

Actually, my full name is “John Jeffrey Harry Goebel”. The John is named after my father, A German who came to at a time when a lot of youths were fleeing. Because my family didn’t want me to be known as “Junior” or JJ or other similar nicknames, I have always been called Jeff. I am only John when I am getting free healthcare in Canada where they call me by my Health Card ID name. I spent extra time in the waiting area before I realized they meant me.  Harry was my Grandfather’s name.  I’m glad I wasn’t known as a Harry Goebel. 

I was born in small-town Georgetown Ontario, a small commuter town for Toronto, where my family has lived for several generations on my mother’s side.
I moved at age 7 to rural Balinafad where it was a mile walk to the only store and an hour bus ride to the schools, uphill both ways. I have lived all around this area in Brampton, Mississauga, Waterloo and Milton.  I now live in Toronto. It costs a lot but I love the urban city environment best.

Although I lived on the Northern border of the Georgetown school district, I chose to attend Acton High School instead because it was worth the drive.  Acton had just built a brand new school of only 700 students. It was there I developed my strange sense of humour, interest in magic, photography and discovered Commodore PET computers.

My first jobs were in photography, but when I visited one of the very first computer stores in Toronto, I was hooked and have been a computer nerd ever since. I have however, never once had tape on my glasses.

jeffbbIf you’d like to know more, or experience my sarcastic and emotionless cruel style of humour, send me some email with the words; “I am a twit, make fun of me at my expense”  and your wish will be granted.


Why would anyone do this?

You might not like the easy answer: Because I can.

I have always enjoyed meeting strangers and having a webcam in my home and/or office over the years has given me the opportunity to meet strangers from all walks of life and all places around the world. No boundaries.

Everyone is puzzled, amused or fascinated in the why, but the real why is simply because I figured out how to do it, and it has been an almost constant way to chat with new people. I’ve made several life-long friends and even hired one guy to work with me for a few years. We saved each other emotionally through tough times.

THese webcams have been around before the “camgirl” craze stole all the Google search terms, but there are still a few odd folks like me in a community of non sexual webcams that do it just because it’s there.

You are the why. Because something brought you to this site, and something inside you made you curious enough to read this page looking for answers.

Plus, I’ve always functioned better while being supervised.  

Do you make money from this?

That was never my intention, and frogstar has been ad-free for most of it’s history. I may experiment with google ads some days but this has never been about the money.

It’s also not something I actively promote, so the traffic is still quite low. if it cost me money, I’d probably care more about having it support itself, but since I won my own web hosting company, it’s essentially a free site.

I can’t predict where it may go in the future. I know webcamming for money is very successful for women with breasts, but this isn’t that kind of web site.


Who do you meet?

Lots and lots of teenagers that can’t quite grasp the concept, and are looking for things to do while at recess or goofing off. This has never changed. One will locate the web site, usually through a “FIND SECRET WEBCAMS” blog post or similar search. Shortly after, two will appear, or three as they tell their friends about this freaky orange Canadian that just sits there and will chat with you.

Often they’re childish or rude. These chats can be the most hilarious exchanges, because they’re not used to having free access to a willing human in this way. I try not to be impolite until the first vulgarity starts… and it usually doesn’t take to long before I’m told to suck a cock or whatever.

What about Sex?

Note: This is not a webcam sex site. I will not perform sex acts for you. I may even ignore you, especially if you’ve asked me about sex previously. I do not bring sex partners into this room so you will not see sex on these cams.

However, the webcams do not get turned off and I live, eat, work and sleep in this single room.

Some things will happen on camera, but other things happen behind that door in the rest of the home that has no cameras. There are times when I will be naked on cam doing things that might not be suitable for everyone. 

For the record, I also pick my nose, adjust my balls, masterbate and do lots of disgusting human things you don’t normally get to see. 

Do you date?

At this time, I am single and concentrating more on work. This probably does not come as much of a surprise if you’ve been watching my eating habits. I do spend time with friends regularly, but there will almost never be anyone on these cams except myself.

Do you worry about...

The Internet, and society in general has changed a lot since I first started. I have too. Privacy is no longer something the new generations seem to worry about. We’re being taught the luxuries and convenience that are available to us now are worth more than privacy. I agree.

I used to worry about being watched because people know when I leave, and they see my nice computer. They know who I am and where I live. I don’t worry anymore. Worrying is a useless and harmful way to spend your life.

If something happens, I’ll adapt to my new situation and it will become a part of my story… and maybe you’ll get to watch it.

Did I just see you...

I am a single male living alone. You may see me pick my nose or blow it on some random object. You might see me remove my dentures (false teeth) and make funny faces.

You may catch me watching porn, although not very often.

You may also see me smoking weed, which is currently legal in Canada.

Whatever you see, we can chat about it if I’m in the mood, but I would be pleased if you didn’t share embarrassing videos with the world.


What Software do you use? is a WordPress site, and I am a WordPress developer and web host.

The webcams are all cheap(ish) Logitech webcams currently, although over the years I’ve owned over a dozen makes and models. For most of the last 20 years, I used some shareware software called WebcamXP. Today it is still one of the most used WEBCAM streaming programs in use, but I recently switched to using CONTICAM because of the daily summary and animated GIF features.

More details o the technical stuff will be added soon. I am more than happy to help people set their own webcam sites up, and will soon premier a social networking aspect of this web site for others to share in this unusual hobby.

How can I do something like this?

I will be posting more information in the near future.


Why isn't cam [X] Updating?

I have 5 or more webcams operating from this site, but sometimes one or more stop updating. Logitech cameras are great and inexpensive but they are not really designed to have multiples working off a single computer. The USB ports only have so much power to give. 

Camera 6 is almost never shown active. It is used mostly for capturing my time in Second Life. 


How long have you been doing this?

A long time. I’ve moved around but at some point, I’ve live streamed my life in every house since Logitech first created the Black and white wecam.

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