Let’s start off saying; I plan on having date separators… like icons with the calendar date. Ideally, I think I’d like each day to read chronologically, but I can accept that blogs go backwards now. I think I should have an option to read it like a book, or even download the book in forward style rather than memento style reading.

My idea was the have graphics in the blog, much like the graphics of the show.  Bottom third titles with names, and pictures from the studio and segment graphics.  We’ll see how that progresses. I have not decided on whether to dump the Bitmoji graphics for all the Frogstar blogs. I love them, but the licencing can be a tricky issue if the site catches on. I’ve lived my whole life without lawyers.

I still have not really decided on a style.  Apparently, the one weak link that this new DIVI tool has, happens to be the one I need. It’s very odd that such an essential feature would not be supported.  Everything else in DIVI is.  The single post template for displaying the blog entries. is harder than the rest.  I’ll actually have to read and learn, and that stops the flow like an inconvenient fart just before your punchline.

I still have not figured out a way to have Google Drive or Google Backup or Google Photos host my video files and let me display them in this blog. They can only display on their own page and use their own video tool.. at least at my current level of reading and research. I think I’ve dumped the idea of using JetPack pro enhancements. Of all the ways to spend $20 a month, I don’t see any significant benefit there, and the WordPress APP on Android and Windows have both failed me multiple times.

I think I’d like to have a sidebar to do list for the blog that changes live on the sidebar as needed… but maybe the same space, title and graphics every day, but I actually have to re-type the entries each day, which will force conversation.

CREDIT DUE: Joe Casale was the man with this wisdom: Signs work less than a week. Then we background them.

It’s 9pm.  I’m Jeff Goebel. I’m wearing an Orange shirt, so this must be tonight’s Loup.

Hmmm… ON some nights I could probably write and then direct Orange Jeff in Second LIfe to do this as a video report.

I know that won’t happen every night, but every show is different so whatever gets done is good.

Unlike writing a story, just saying you did it won’t really work well in the video version… at least not twice. It might get a laugh once when the green screen fails and you’re not at the Olympic Stadium this week. The offseason was so much cheaper.

distraction end —