The Orange Shirt Blogs

Talking to the camera.

I’ve been recording videos and blogging for many years but only recently started putting some of them online. 
This is a collection of some of those videos.

Disclaimer: Many of these were recorded while high on weed.

Blogging Live in Two universes.

Life Stream BloggingThis is a first. I am live streaming my blog in two universes simultaneously.  I have spent the time since 4:20 today setting this up. It took a little while extra because I toked on my new wax vaporizer pen. I still...

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Day in Review

This is a recap video compiled from snapshots taken throughout the day. Videos like this area available for the previous three days by clicking any of the webcam live feeds. This video contains no audio.

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Friday December 7th

The Friday night video was recorded after a nice DAB toke of quality indica shatter. In other words, I got really high and started talking to the camera. Videos like this are often very abstract and hard to follow because my A.DD really kicks in when I'm...

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