Once I break the first share and recognise a response, my universe will start to need me to come back to the helm… Or utter?

The analogy for my life, for the purposes of this story, is the river, and the only task, is constant choice. Like a river, sometimes it’s calm enough that the current will decide for me.

Every time I explore a new idea in my head, or in my transcripts and recirdings, I take my pride points right away and throw the idea over the wall.

Tomorrow is where I hide all my serious stuff.i toss it over the wall and tomorrow Jeff does whatever he does.

Funny, I never noticed it before, but the wall has a curve to it. It looks a lot like a snow plow blade. I can see how it must have reached a point when a shovel was better than a wall, if we’re being honest.

I can honestly say I don’t know what it over my tomorrow wall. Well have to see what tomorrow throws back over. Once it was a cow. They have a cow catipolt in the future.

I’m hoping some stuff never makes it’s way back over. It’s easier to get a bigger shovel each year.



What if this idea worked. The current goal for me is 2000 a month to be happy

I don’t want to be famius, I just want a few good fabs


Show could review. Could be 3 hours… Or 2 minutes and the other 3 hours is on the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper.

I like the idea however that the plan may be exactly this. The site and webcam exist 24/7 in random development. My week is the equivalent to the improv process. I get suggestions from my clients but I make the rest up on the journey, live as the river forks.

I really want the word NOW to be a central focus in my philosophy but I pin drop today as the original of the possibility the the word current might be better.

current is indeed cool, and has the third electrical meaning, but it’s not really the same as now.

In blogs to come, I’ll reveal the whole story.

Or not. This blog may end up selling collectable spoons from dead grandmother’s all over Europe.

Ding. The librarian from h g Wells movie.. bloom?  He appears and starts talking over us all as if we were a movie in his library.

This is a classic example of the kind if statement Jeff would blurt out in virtually any situation. In the early days before he’d mastered the right frequency for ounchline guy to make the joke. I remember how powerful it was at the initial transition from  always using Star trek references to making people laugh.

I started doing ut all the time, in any room to any mood  it was bad and iiwas  learnin on my own talking to my Kermit the frog hand ouppet

Whoops. I switched from Thursday person librarian to me.

Ding. Orlando Bloom says that’s ok. I was using you as an example of times when you blurt things before you can stop. In a blog or book, they can be edited, but right from the start, Jeff always liked his first drafts available.

Midnight. It was supposed to be anitano 8pm night but new candy, new weed and new ideas.

Oh well. The old man was crying for me fourth time in 3 days. I ignored him and she called ambulance. I had headphones on. Wink. Missed it all.

End of this part.

On phone with Gboard.