Another day has come and gone. It’s OK. I blogged about it.

“It’s Ok”, said the rabbit. “He’s cool.  I know him.”

“Why would I take your word for it. You’re a rabbit”

“yes, but a talking rabbit, so either I’m the smartest Rabbit you’ve ever met, r you’re really really high talking to that post for Peter Rabbit on your wall. Either way, I’m telling you, he’s cool. You can trust me”

“I know lots of talking Rabbits. I work at the fair”.

“oh.  well nevermind then”

— That moment when you think you’re soooo smart, and the guy puts you in your place.

I live my life in the “Oh, well nevermind then” zone. I live my life trying my best not to interrupt, agitate, irritate, annoy or otherwise be seen. I live my life being as invisible and insignificant as I can… unless you need me. Or you ask.

I never learned to ask.  I always hang around with somebody and they do the asking. In this case, it’s a rabbit.

I see.  It’s me that is too high.

Ok then, nevermind.