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More May 5th stuff…A transcription. Captioning software might work even better. Then what I’m using here. Now here’s an interesting. Thought process Closed captioning is a much. It will save. Synced so the search is Linked as well. In theory Just made it up. That’s my wish list. Boo New project Whatever I just said.… Read More »

More May 5th stuff…A transcription.

Captioning software might work even better. Then what I’m using here.

Now here’s an interesting. Thought process

Closed captioning is a much.

It will save. Synced so the search is Linked as well. In theory Just made it up. That’s my wish list.

Boo New project Whatever I just said.

So here’s what happens now. It is ten to eight. Exhaust

I will not be able to sleep. However Before I go up again for another day or half day.

I should at least try. To chill And do the fake sleep that If nothing else Allows your eyes to heal.

Somebody told me No.

I am not aware how I know this.

Of course. I know I just can’t tell you I’d have to kill you know. Improv Switch game Solo Edition Hans Like the drums they can get it back plate. Too bad that didn’t get searching. The Cantina Bar There it is. So here’s the Dilemma. As soon as I started to think closed captioning would actually, you know do this. Say what extra step and sink correctly? Just like live translators transcript to they have ways of seeking them for the closed captioning. Then I thought well, hold on a second. I didn’t admit jack shit. It’s called closed captioning and they’ve been doing it for. Years Hold on a second. View of the shoulder and view of the shoulder.

I stand by my invention.

Because You don’t have to admit something. To invent something You just have to invent a new use for something else so I can say I invented the spoon. But somebody else to it. Because I invented the spoon you can stick up your dog’s ass. I wish I had said that because that’s a horrible.

It is the guilt that I’m too loud. Ding – table task

So here’s why I think this is therapeutic. I can actually hashtag my thoughts.

That’s how they can be searched.

It boggles my mind.

Because I think too much.

I had a saying that wasn’t perfect. I’m still working on it.

Isn’t all profound. You don’t get it. If it is

It’s fucking amazes me. We don’t all walk around in complete fucking aw. Of the universe around us. Because either you believe. In An Origin story Or the science is origin story. Or Z Jews origin story Doesn’t matter.

Not Vien it all all the time. I’ll tell you. Wednesday I’ll tell you.

I find that funny.

Could you imagine?

If we cut too Oh my God.

Could do this. It What you would see there is Russian or I wish I had said Russian first behind us.

I think that’s enough for now. He should have said three hours ago. But it wouldn’t have been hurt.

It would have been three hours later.

I have a positive vibe.

I’d like to be the first. Ugly guy to make more money webcaming



Hashtag All it takes to change your life. Are a few good friends?

Or One great, man.

If you live your life without a fan.

That’s the failure. That might be too harsh.

But the reality is I’ve been saying for a very long time. Most important thing too World Peace These communities It’s time for a church. That doesn’t need you to lie and say you believe the origin story in order to get the bake sale.

The truth is the world Deeds of religion. That this is really just Is it religious?

Go to sleep. Now that’s a terrifying statement.

Oh, yeah, that’s right last night around this time. It occurred to me that when I put my head down to sleep. I go side to side the top nasal passage clears. And the first rolled cars comes in. Then it flips to the other side. Second row of cars, but that doesn’t make me a fairy. Don’t see I think that was a fine joke, but It’s not by today’s standards.

Or maybe it is an adjustable phobic emoji. Vicky idioms education’s that I’m gay because that won’t go away. And of course having said that that’s the application.

Goodbye happy with the way I handled that for posterity.

I can’t believe how similar this is probably to yesterday’s that’s That’s a significant therapy movement.

New project Get back in touch with my therapist and see what my options are for resuming. Or when I allow fear.

That But that was it. Where left was unacceptable?

Okay, see meditation time.

If that cap works, it would be better.

Probably more than 12 hours.

Just don’t.

George and cliff

That came This thing #inside joke hashtag Visa figure or is it drop of ink drop of ink?

You drew buddy. I would take that. Guess I learned. Is that they frequently have a very long multisyllabic word? That conveys the beating of a paragraphs worth. Activity

Our convention would German word such. Reflects a concept Called posit blog But just by German word translated to mean You blog about the video you are watching. While you are watching it knowing that anyone who sees it. Has already seen the whole episode. I could be blocking with great confidence that the doctor is going to die in the next scene.

Laugh This is normal routine only this weekend. Things you would have a hard time explaining. If you saw they were left there by the previous landing crew. And then The same video Except Your Neil Armstrong?

Now that’s a Thinking joke, I think. And have recently become aware. But that attitude Is arrogance

So I have entered the first stage. Maybe for the hundredth time. The realization Positive attitude You know to be sustainable.

This perfectly acceptable behavior. Is a red flag to me. Because of him disgusting idiots And yet To my health Ding my sound like a crazy person.

Here’s how the psyche.

Explain to me. Like we were on the move.

I thought that signify. Firsties I would really hate. This way See, that’s the thing is keep it safe. Like always At least not today.

It probably sounds to searchable text.

Suggest you go there and now and come back when you’re poor.

Hey Google, turn everything off.

Hey Google, turn on the lights.

Good morning. It’s Tuesday May. For is it? Oh, I think I’ve missed me the fourth. I think it’s May the fifth. I slept through May the fourth be with you. Wasn’t significant day today. Free Comic Book Day everything’s canceled May the 4th people probably celebrated in your house. That was a strong one. Starting to get that.

Get me a stick in the morning.

Good morning to you usually do.

Getting wasted in the morning. Hmm Good morning, Space Cadets. I spaced out yesterday. So no messages, but today is a new day. Sadly I missed May the fourth be with you. I don’t think it was as eventful this year as previous years as was 420 not eventful. This year has previous years. Nothing is eventful. My life is not as eventful this year his previous years, but I try to make each day. A good one and I think today will be I think I’m on a good day streak. So I hope you are too.

So I had a super fun day yesterday. I did my hike and then crews in the sunshine on the deck and I don’t know just farted her out being high. I looked at rocks on my dock for a long time in Marvel went and I would come back. …