I’m doing that thing where I do the same thing over again expecting different results.

I wish you could see me. I beam sometimes. Maybe a beam doesn’t show. It’s a big smile as you increase it in real time as your memory moment fills in more details, just like the way Grand Theft Auto will eventually get around to the second or third pass of graphic detail for the… Read More »

I wish you could see me. I beam sometimes. Maybe a beam doesn’t show. It’s a big smile as you increase it in real time as your memory moment fills in more details, just like the way Grand Theft Auto will eventually get around to the second or third pass of graphic detail for the cactus behind the empty garage if you stick around long enough.

When I make reference to a computer game like Grand Theft Auto, I briefly fill my head with a visual package of it’s story in my Universe, or rather my stories with relivance hashtag #videogame, #horribledriver, #vr, #violence, #controvery, #everyone

Grand Theft Auto checked a lot of boxes on firsties bingo, both for lover of video games and for those that missed the pilot episode and took a pass on that Universe.

That was me, but it really was no surprise. Just recently I real–

hey google. What is the name of the character samual l jackson played in unbreakable?

I don’t choose sports if I can avoid it. I love games, but I only watched the Pilot Episode. Once the joysticks got more than one button I unfriended them.

I think I missed the whole universe of Anime and Ponies. I don’t know where I was.

I missed the orientation day when the other kids found fantasy with wizards, elves, vampires, wolves that save the home team with an amazing 3 pointer while full on wolf.

I missed a lot of things by not learning how to ask. In the days before self discovery, I was yet to be “Ask Twice Jeff” and I was still unconciously just saying No to anything because the last time memories are being reviewed with newer wisdom. More loops. More Lightbulbs. More Connections.

I Am A RAT IN A MAZE. Methaphoricly and almost OD Literally… if we’re ok with allowing rat and maze to mean totally different things.
WOW.  I have just…. well… no big thing. I have broken the universe down to 3 symbols. Douglas Adams did it with one single ascii character, but I’m new to being a world famous and well renound author that can one day find a way to make my dreams come true with the combination that I won’t hate.

paragraph overload.

Did I just sneak in a showing of pride, secretly hidden in the third sentence of a derailed thought probably abandonned by most readers. It is the end of a thought you might not say allowed if you suddenly noticed everyone had walked away while you were talking.

Yes. I say extra points for the attempt.  As long as my writing stays in first person, it can still be presented as a written piece, or it can be narrated by Benji Bronk with a reasonablke budget and creative freedom, while simultaniously being narrated or spoken live, or fake live or real live in


It’s 9am. It’s so sad we can’t make use of OJ. I mean the initials, not the guy from the Original Police Squad Movie that got hurt a lot.

The Morning Loup
Memory Zeppelin. In the sky, a Zeppelin is floating exactlythe way bricks don’t.

Agressive buzzer sound. The fact checking character appears in the curtain wings to one side. Don’t use the genius of your Idol authours best work, crowbarred into a situation just because you like it and it almost fits.

There are several reasons why this was important enough to pause the entire Universe and mansplain.

1. To those that do not know Douglas Adams or the quote, they will credit this oddness to you, which is not only a disrespect to he late Mr. Adams, but a dis-service to you as well, because Zeppelins do float in the air. That’s where you know them from… up there.

hey google. what’s the difference between a zeppelin and a blimp?

If I told you that a Blimp is essentially the same as a Zeppelin but Goodyear started using the term for their Good Year Blimp to distance themself from the band Led Zeppelin that was easily the most popular Zeppelin of that period. I made that up, but it could be true. If I hadn’t told you it wasn’t, it might have remained true in your Universe for the rest of your life.

I notice I often open my sentences in such a way that they need to be closed, but my verbose style ends a different sentence than the one I start. I believe this might be that set of terms that were just a teeny bit above the minimum requirements of learning.

Prepisitions and the other one.  I had noticed the shopping bad stuck in the fence by the edge of the school we didn’t go near.

A gif of GROG would be ideal here. He was the puppet that mocked Attention Deficit Disorder back when we were still with the crowd on mocking and nobody was considering it wasn’t something I didn’t have to do.


I was a dissapointing annoyance not living up to my awesome potential

Before they started talking about mental illness from a different perspective, I really was #yellworthy #angerworthy

Imagine if you can, although I think I’m fairly certain you really can’t imagine what it might be like, to understand almost anything explained to you one way, and as the connections are made, joy and excitement are seen and felt. That same person, can be lost and helpless when different circumstances present.

Two of the stories I turn to occasionally, both from the exact same period of my life.

Life imitating.  It bothered me how often my avatar Orange Jeff would wipe the hair bhind his ear. It was so often even people who should have no concept of what a loop is, are starting to notice its a loop.

Hilarious solution. I now make the exact same motion every few seconds. It drives me crazy but my hair isn’t quite long enough to wrap the full ear so when it gets moist and bonds, the bamboo-like

no… Ewww… My hair groups into stalks almost, but they curl a little like a pasta. It occurs to me as I create the visual I am attempting to bring to words. Oh my. It’s like Anime Hair. Like Plastic hair.

oh wait.

WHAT IF: Anime hair is just really dirty hair.  Anime hair is Asian dreadlocks. If you don’t wash your hair, you can make it shiney hard or binder twine Rasta.

Side credit. I remember hearing a story that made me smile, again just now as I remembered it. As I remember, a celebrity ding.  A celebrity wore the exact same clothing ensamble every time he went out in public in his little community, with the delightful effect that any photopgraphs taken of him would appear to all be from the exact same day, even if taken a year apart. Photos of him would essentially be almost worthless in whatever freelance marketplace that world has.

I thought that idea is pure genius, and then of course that means I feel the need to suspect it, and crush the joy.

WHAT IF – The entire story is made up, either by somebody who is paid to have stories like this ready to jump into whenever you are abaout to exit a room different than how you came in. People always want to know just the exact amount more info than you’ve given.  I remember both my grandfather and my father simplifying their routines a little bit here and there, probably desperatly hoping nobody would notice and the dreaded catch up has to be addressed. I might make fun of my avoidance storage unit, but I’m pretty certain it’s a relatable concept.

I’d say the majority of people in my universe —

take 2.


fabicated fictional anicdote backed up with two or three press pics of celebrity in same top. Late night talk show approved at pre interview with intern sourced pictures.


he does wear the same jacket out while in town. I suspect a lot of people have one jacket for a season. That may not be a rich image thing, but its not odd. It does however make great joke when described this way,


Hilarious idea written from the start. Somebody thought it, perhaps as a throw away gag, and somebody executed it. I wish my way of life didn’t rub those people the wrong way so much.




I AM OSCAR. Sesame Street.

smile recal. I remember somebody talking about it being bigger on the inside than the outside, but instead of citing Doctor Who, he nodes to Oscar the Grouch’s trashcan and Snoopy’s doghouse.

Then he says, or the Tardis like it was the show drop we were waiting for.

Which of course, it was if you’re brain is like mine.


I had one of those moments I sometimes attribute to the ecstasy high. An optomism that isn’t even thinking of the joy crusher. Free to think ideas and think they are #prideworthy and #shareworthy

Could they be #praiseworthy ?

There is a particular combination of brain that will ne noted for use in Hell.

A brain that somehow has developed a need for praise and credit, while simultaniously dealing with a serious fear of interupting, agitating, inconviniecning or annoying, all within a strange mix of awkward self awareness that almost trumps the esteme.  All while battling any hopes to self promote in any way, because I’m terrified of appearing egotistical.

That’s a deep one. The thing Ineed most, I am blocked.

There is a problem …no.


I am spending some time, thinking about the Universe I live in. I’m not referring to the main one you and I share, but the one that is centered around me. The one that began within about 7 days of the big bang between the mom and the male.

The male and the female come together, either in one out of hundreds of fascinating poses… err.  The RL Universe calls them sexual positions. I learned some really cool ones here.

Alternativly the sperm and the egg come together and the woman only knows what she read on the web site about the mail. Red Hair, Plays Fiddle, Good teeth

Checkbox says all 6 of his grandparents lived into their 90’s and two Grandmothers live today, over 100.

It does’t say he visits them every Sunday on the form… but you know he does. She probably has a special sause he loves.

I got lost. I have no idea what I was going to say. If this was 1985, I could just say the wind blew my map away so I might as well go home.


Recaps. The WordPress Android APP certainly is faster to type. As long as I don’t want to do anything else, it obviously works better than the web page… on this tablet. That only means I have not yet failed in the ways that are over my threshold. I am confident I can fail in ways nobody expected.

Image result for spanish inquisitionEVen the Spanish Inquesition was like; “Yeah. I did not see that coming…”

Guy: No… Really? The Spanish Inquesition?  You’re saying you caught them by surprise?

Yes. I guess so. Yeah.


buzz. Sorry to interupt but, not sorry as they say. 10 points. The first fork.


Just me today Jeff.  You know, if we understand the difference between judgement and opinion, you’d be surprised how much we pass off incorectly. I am only recently starting to realize how much I re-tell without even a thought whether it’s true, and yet I will jump on… no… loup… no…

educate?  That’s probably the right word but it coemes off as arrigant I think.


What? You don’t get to ding in my blogs? The bell therapy is my invention.

I remember.

You do?

Yes. I remember the origin story of the bell therapy.

Careful now. I believe there are people watching, reading, waiting for one of us to slip up and break the wall again.

What? Bell thereapy isn’t related to any wall.  Why do you always have your secondary characterrrrrrsss…. ah.

I smile when I see those light bulb moments in others. The moment when you make that connection and the light exposes new truths and undesranding.

When I split into two voices, I can have somebody else talk about how great I am. I am pleased I finally figured out how to convince myself that I am … at least, “fine”.

She shrugs, calls back; You are unbelievable and walks off stage.

Finalshot is me being sad face.

I know. I know.

Everyone you meet has a balance. The things they do that you don’t, all have some weighted value you can ignore, until you can’t. Since I’m currently sticking with the POINTS concept, we’ll use that. I’d love to use the idea of demerit points because I’m from Canada and if you let yourself be changed by it, you can go mad explaining why you don’t lose demerit points, you get them.

I have told people, I fall in love fast. Click or Clash.  If we click, I could move in forever on the very next Monday, but I’ve learned to date long enough to add up the crazies and see if any are dealbreakers.

It turns out – who knew.  Mine are.

Nobody on social media wants to deal with whatever baggage might come along with the profile phrase “drug friendly”.  I guess I should remove it.

I sure would love a drug friendly date or three before I give it all up though.

10:30am. Time to rest. Landlord avoidance protocol “Operation Second Sunday”

Oh wait. Before rest.  Lets try the $2 Fruitloops.


I hear yelling. The kind I’ve been pretty good at avoiding in the four years I’ve lived in a basement apartment with a clothes line out back and on-jack muscle cars on both sides of me.

I’m always afraid I’ll lose his place and have to do things. As it turns out, I had to do things anyway.

end of this part.