Last call! Last Blog before the next day.

Last call! Last Blog before the next day.

Last call! Last Blog before the next day.

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It’s actualklu Saturday, but I’ve been in good spirts, got quite a lot of #prideworthy struyff done today, planted some more seeds that may grow into the responsability of showing off and sharing the site.

I’m Jeff Goebel, It’s 12:22am on a Friday night in March, and this is another Loup.

Perhaps the next leap, will be the leap home.

I saw a funny thing at Dinner tonight and I just now re-imagined it better in my head. I was out to a much needed social meal with my two most recent couple friends, and by most recent I mean about 9 and 5 years. The wives are sisters and the husbands are computer nerdy. Adam is a pop culture fandom wiz and Ryan is a Linux fan and gamer. It’s not often Ryan is able to keep up when we start making references from just about any shows. Ryan doesn’t have a TV.

Tonight somebody made a comment mentioning Star Trek and I noticed recognition and optomism in Ran’s body movement, but then when Adam said Voyager, Ryan’s posture slumped and I asked; Was that because you only know one Star Trek and thought you might get a chance to participate in a conversation from our World, but Voyager isn’t the one?

Ryan then made quite a funny joke, but Adam missed it because he was starting into a well rehersed nerd Trek fandom rant about how Voyager was… I forget if he was for or against it being the best of The … No, he said worst. and then there was some debate.

ding. Suddenly I realizeed this story is more complex than I thought, and it just got deeper because I realized I was totally wrong in my understanding of something. It’s not worth it.

You don’t care about Star Trek Enterprise anyway – nobody does.

The whole story was suposed to be about Ryan’s joke being funny, but Adam missed it and made a rebuttle that seemed to be for a different joke. Humour sync error.

I guess you had to be there – This can be edited out.

Tired. Trying sleep test 1 for the night. I need it.  I have no idea how much.