My Business Proposal

My Business Proposal

The Orange Shirt Lounge


I have an idea for a community project.  A hobby to make new friends and have fun.

I’ve wanted to start my own business so many times in the past, but I never get around to starting. I write about them or talk into the camera when I’ve had just a little bit of weed. In my mind, they are all great ideas. I have no second opinion to tell me otherwise. Many of the ideas start small, often for free with the resources I already have. Being the owner of a web design company with my own hosted servers has advantages. Most businesses start online these days anyway, although just having the idea is the fun part. Imagining I could hit it big and be a millionaire is a good feeling, especially on pot.

Like many Canadians, I started smoking weed a bit later in life. I never smoked cigarettes even once, and I just didn’t really want to smoke anything. My first girlfriend showed me a pipe, and then a bong. I started smoking weed, but not very often.

I have no friends in my close circle that smoke weed, at least not openly, but it’s still new. People are still hiding their habit it seems. I have no idea which of my friends would get high with me if I asked. Maybe I’ll learn more as this blog gets received.

The Idea.

I can’t afford to create a new nightclub or a new vaporizer longe in this universe, but I sure can – and did in the alternate universe known as Second Life. I have a pot bar. It’s new and not very well decorated yet, but it will be a work in progress once I start getting some feedback.

It’s currently called The Orange Shirt Lounge but It may change. EVerything about it might change because Second Life is a little bit like the movie Downsizing. You can get a house for free here. I bought this space of land outright and have no rent. I’ve currently decorated it as a pot bar where alcohol is not served but there is plenty of free weed to go around.

The bar is set low here. It raises only 2.5 feet off the ground.

My dream is to create a pot friendly bar that anyone can visit any time, and just meet new people. We’ll have games and entertainment. An open Mic and maybe DJ’s. It streams 24/7 online with some excerpts or pre-arranged shows could stream live to YouTube. Frogstar.TV streams my own bedroom as well, at least for now. We’ll see if I maintain that, but the idea is – I’ll be here to do bartender kind of stuff, streamed live online.

The thing is, I’m learning. I’m playing. I’m having fun, but it seems like the kind of thing others may like. Ideally, I want Frogstar.TV to be a hub of Second Life TV shows. News, Blogs, and even sitcoms or soap operas… or for me, like a Big Brother 24/7. I even blogged this live, not that anyone was really watching… but I also hardly told anyone.