My expertise is in how fast I can adapt to a new NOW

My expertise is in how fast I can adapt to a new NOW

It’s 6 o’clock on a Sunday. I’ve zoned out a portion of the day and then worked on Second Life and the Orange Jeff Daily Checkup.

The Daily Checkup with Orange Jeff.

Check In?

Cheque Please?

Check Check

Oh yeah – I actually remember.  An example of reframing. I never really get to do a show.


Instead of having to conceede defeat with the daily show not being ready for months and still not being ready – I say that was the plan all along. It’s never going to be the Orange Jeff Show. It’s always just a pilot for a new show, and this is the documentary leading up to that.

The making of; Whatever it ends up being

The Daily Iteration.  That may be a word people need to look up, and I try not to use those because I know how they make me feel when other people do, especially if it’s a crowd.

I had a weird lightbulb moment last night… at some point. I wish I didn’t just sit here trying to remember what it was.

>Oh. Is that what you were doing. I thought maybe you had a zombie vision or something.

Let’s start over.

>You always say that.

I know.

>No, really. You quit and start over way to fast at some things.

Or I just quit. I’m known for that too.

>You don’t quit Jeff, you TBC things… rather quickly usually.

TBC? Oh… I tease and ignore. Yeah… I won’t be calling it TBC.

>That was a long pause.  Were you thinking or was it a vision?

There are no visions. I was pondering.

>No Visions?  Aren’t you Mr Visions?  Don’t you go on and on about how your imagination is all better than ours and you have full movie budget detail for some of your side scenarios? You’re all about visions. You just don’t call them that.

Well, I thought visions implied some — You say visions are just imagination stories?

>Bonehead – Everything is just the story… right?! Isn’t that your thing? If your stories happen to come true down the line, why not say you called them visions all along and see who will give you money.

In my universe, crimes against the public trust or personal trust should have the harshest penalties.

The Evolution of Everything.

Live Stream