The OrangeJeff All Nighter

The OrangeJeff All Nighter

What a great Quarantine Hobby Project. I’m building a free and public TV empire.

I am still in the pre-production development of this show. My ultimate goal is to create a watchable program for Toronto stoners who might be up late looking for things to do. Tonight’s version is boring because I could not actually figure out the audio and so I didn’t talk much. I downloaded a new tool to help with this project and it is kickass amazing. A review will follow. I have lots of ideas and it’s about time I put some of them into practice. A little more each week. Please join in and follow the evolution of Orange Jeff and my various shows. Over the coming weeks, there will be lots to choose from in my interactive and free community television station.

Submit your own ideas and projects and gather fans and participants. I expect a lot of change, a lot of fun, and a lot of new friends.

I transcribed everything I said tonight using a cool app which amazingly allows my entire overnight shift to be searchable for eternity. Tonight I am still in my very early stages so it isn’t synced to the video, and I hardly remembered to talk at all while I hyper-focused on the new program I downloaded.


I’m very confused by this. I’m trying to figure out overlays again, but I think I need some Focus.

Okay, then. I need some fuel for need some Focus.

It’s funny.

Oh, yeah. I do not need the desktop for this.

Blue screen I don’t like it because I’m never looking at it looking everywhere else. Not Could be on the up. That’s interesting. Okay? I’m kind of tired.

Desktop is red.

Hello still have no audio and I don’t know why I bet it has something to do with these things what you crashed before I even started which is kind of funny actually. So if I go to desktop now? Then you won’t be able to see the text. But do I care if you can see the text?

Don’t know what those do yet. I will eventually learn those do and Okay.

Yeah, right. That’s what I was working on. But I just wanted to make sure yes, this is still working. That’s pretty cool. Is that That’s real. Wow. Okay, so if I could get this too. That surprised me because that’s funny. Actually, it’s just minutes behind. That’s why because I didn’t realize so let’s try S9 desktop It is not correct and its proportions.

I got an idea cuz I’m smart like that.

Okay, so I got a little confused and it didn’t work exactly as I planned. It looks like it’s going to be powerful when I figured out. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I still don’t have audio. I’m getting a little tired. I don’t know whether I should try to sleep. It’s 3:30. Although this is supposed to be the orange Jeff all night show. So it’s not very fun when you don’t have audio. I’m going to try something and it’s gonna be horrible horrible horrible. I’m going to try and save this as a preset and I have no idea no idea all whether or not it will save it as a preset. It probably won’t which means I’ll start all over again. That’s interesting. Oh, I see. Okay know that that is kind of neat, but

That’s like

So if I understand it correctly I should actually be over top of the desktop. I won’t know what it looks like until I see it, but that has potential to be a good version and I can zoom in I will do all sorts of stuff like that. I can also put this on a second screen so that You can see it on that second screen. Oh my goodness. What a mess. This is oh, well, this is what I was looking for.

I am definitely confused by this but I learned an awful lot about it today. So I’m confused is only a little bit. Here we go. Okay, so now I should be able to do this one.


I’m standing here at Loops as the camera. I’m standing here at Kensington Market. No, I’m yeah, whatever. I’m standing here at Kensington Market in Toronto, but I’m not because it’s not really very good. Layout. This was the one that I thought was interesting. But it’s the wrong camera now.

Still there? Yeah.

For now I can do this. It’s not really very good. I don’t like it. Let’s switch back to this.

That I will work on the other thing. Are you won’t see it? I don’t understand.

There it is.

Now, I think I saved this as

You should be the opposite.

But for now, it’s fine.

I find that quite hilarious. I really should figure out the audio.

I wish I figured out the okay. So this is a mess. Okay.

I’m sorry. I haven’t been talking very much. So you haven’t had too much to see but I haven’t figured out audio so

Darn I missed 420 again

You know, there’s a few things you don’t think about in advance.


Video Segments

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