Hi There!  My name is Jeff Goebel, and I’m the guy who created over 20 years ago.  I’m friendly and often willing to say HI and answer questions.  If you see me in the webcam below, feel free to say Hi. If I don't respond right away, I may be focused and busy.
WARNING: The webcam may contain nudity and gross actions that offend or disgust you.
Over the years, one of the things that made the FROGSTAR.COM website popular was my webcam/chat accessibility. Although I may not always be here working, when I’m here – I’m live, and you can watch me while I work, relaxing or sleeping… You can even click the links below to send me a message or chat live or turn on the Lava Lamps to catch my attention. If I’m focused or relaxing, I may not always respond to chat, but at least I’ll wave hello.
I have no idea why online webcams are so popular… but they seem to be. I’m not the kind of geek to let a trend go un-noticed, so I offer my own live cams, without the traditional fees that women usually charge. Be advised this is not a sexy chat adult webcam. It’s just a live glimpse into the single room I call my home office. Keep in mind that means you’ll sometimes see some gross or discussing nose picking, crotch scratching and other bad habits. I try to keep nudity to a minimum but you may occasionally see my privates too. 

Enjoy the display. I won’t dance like a monkey on request though. Usually, it’s just me sitting there watching TV or working on my websites or sites for customers, but I try to be friendly and chat when I’m not too focused on a project.

The webcams are setup using free shareware.  I recommend CONTACAM and Logitech webcams.