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Welcome to my dream

This website is my dream not yet realized. Originally intended as a home for my live webcams, and video blogging. In my usual way, I tend to start projects and abandon them, so this site has been many things over the years and will continue to change and evolve. This year saw a lot of unexpected changes, and this site is one of them.
Over the years, one of the things that made the FROGSTAR.COM website popular was my webcam/chat accessibility. This has always been a personal site, containing things that made me smile. Although I may not be around as often as I used to be. when I’m here – I’m alive, and you can watch me work. You can even click the links below to send me a message or chat live.

I have no idea why online webcams are so popular… but they seem to be. I’m not the kind of geek to let a trend go un-noticed, so I offer my own.

Since I’ve activated my webcam in my home office over 20 years ago, I’ve met all sorts of new friends, some of which have given me a hard time for drinking my juice right from the bottle, and other bad habits. Enjoy the show. Usually, it’s just me sitting there watching TV or working on web pages.